Monday, January 26, 2009

Carpooling and Ride-Sharing to and from Death Valley; Hotel Room Sharing, Too

We encourage carpooling to and from our Spring and Fall Death Valley Century and Double Century events, as well as to and from all our other events, such as the Badwater Ultramarathon, Furnace Creek 508, and CORPScamp. With hundreds of participants coming to Death Valley from 20 or more states and many foreign countries, there must be somebody who lives near you, or along the route you'll be driving, or perhaps someone who just needs a ride to and from the airport in Vegas or LA if they are flying to the event. Share the ride! Save gas! Save money! Save the earth!

Please use this section of the blog to connect with other AdventureCORPS participants, staff, and support members - you can save money, save gas, help to protect the environment, and - hopefully - meet some cool people, too! (You can also use this page to find potential roommates for CORPScamp Death Valley or any of our one-day events in Death Valley.)

(Note: We are provide a service here, allowing people to meet and share rides. We can't and don't guarantee anything about the people you'll meet, so be careful and use your best judgement. Review the Personal Safety Tips that Craigslist uses on their Rideshare page here.)

Click the "Comments" button below and leave your request for a ride, or offer to share your trip or room!
Most importantly, mention the specific event to which you will be traveling AND list a method for contacting you. (If you don't, we will reject your post and it will not be published.)


Anonymous said...

Driving to Las Vegas from Eureka on Thursday, October 24th. Driving to Furnace Creek on Saturday morning for the Double. Return to Vegas Saturday night and drive back to Eureka on Monday the 28th.

Anonymous said...

M/F: for Fall 2013 DV rides room share and/or Rideshare to/from DV lv San Diego early 10/24, return 10/27. Can take 1 rider w bike. Must be close to direct route from rt CA52/I5 area to DV. Share rm at Furnace Creek with 2 queen beds @164.84/night. Contact me, Will, at: